Reasons why I want to learn 3 more languages


  1. I want to learn one more European language besides English.
  2. There are 40 crore Spanish-speaking people in the world (more than English).
  3. Easy to learn - it is a phonetic language, with simple rules and few exceptions.


  1. I want to learn one South Indian language.
  2. Tamil has the deepest culture among the South Indian languages.
  3. A R Rahman's Tamil songs.
  4. Tamil movie industry is very big. It's not as big as the Telugu industry, but Tamil movies are less commercial than Telugu, while not as boring as the Malayalam ones.


  1. Hangul script is super-easy. It is an alphabetic system, unlike the Chinese and Japanese systems, which are logographic and very difficult to learn.
  2. Hallyu (Korean wave) including industry, movies, music. South Korea will soon be ahead of Japan.
  3. Koreans are good looking people :)
  4. South Korea is a progressive country that has come ahead in very less time.